About Us

About Us

Upower is a company specialized in producing and distributing autonomous energy. With our own factories in the Republic of Bulgaria. This ensures an exhaustive quality control over our solutions, adding value to them. At the same time, it allows the collaboration between both countries. Is a leading brand in energy solutions and services of high added value. We work with several sectors, such as security, defense, transportation, traffic, energy and industry, telecommunications, naval, fishing, amongst other sectors in which our energy solutions are present.

Upower follows a value-creating strategy. It offers a global management model that covers client's needs. This model starts with the design of the solution, going through the development and implantation, and ending with the operative management. Supplies its clients with a complete and valuable offer for their energy needs. It includes consulting, project development, and integration in their applications.

Our Vision

Our vision in Upower is to become a company that offers innovation to our internal and external costumers (clients, employees, providers, etc.). In the long term, we want to create a sustainable business.

For Upower, the company's responsibility goes together with its natural activity, with the creation of wealth, and, in our case, through a generation of solutions and services, with all that makes us different and unique. Our sustainability is linked to the relationship we have with what we call our "strategic customers": employees, clients, and providers.