Legal information

Legal information

Access and use of Upower Ltd’s website will be subject to these general conditions. Therefore, access and use of Upower’s website means the full acceptance, without any exceptions, of these general conditions:

The user may not, under any circumstances, modify or delete the identifying data that pertains, if such is the case, to the rights of Upower Ltd or of third parties about the contents. The user may only access the contents using the means and procedures that have been made available for this purpose on Upower’s website or that are normally used on the Internet for this purpose, whenever they do not involve the breach of any Intellectual Property rights or any other type of damage to Upower’s website and/or the information and services it offers.

The user undertakes to use the information and services on Upower’s website according to the law, according to these general conditions and according to the moral, good practices and to public order.

Upower Ltd is not responsible for any damage to the user’s software or hardware derived from access to Upower’s website or from the use of information or applications contained on the aforementioned website.

Upower Ltd reserves the right, without any need to give any notice and at any time, to temporarily suspend access to its website and to carry out the modifications it deems appropriate to the site, the services and information offered on it, its presentation or location and the access and use conditions of Upower’s website.

Upower Ltd does not guarantee that the contents of its website are suitable or available outside Republic of Bulgaria. In the case that all or part of the contents of Upower’s website are considered to be illegal in countries other than Republic of Bulgaria, access to them and their use by the users will be banned and in the case of this occurring, this will be exclusively under the users’ responsibility, and the national applicable laws will have to be fulfilled by obligation.

All the questions relative to the Upower website will be governed by Bulgarian legislation and they will be subjected to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals.

Use of data during browsing. The cookies that Upower uses on the Upower website are only used to maintain the user’s session open, therefore the presence of the cookies will only be used to associate a session with an anonymous user in order to provide the service requested by this user. This cookie is kept on the hard disk in order to automatically identify the user in future sessions.